a girl in the crowd at the 1975 concert shouted “i can’t breathe” to matty and matty shouted back “breathe or you’re gonna fucking die” and i think that describes every concert they’ve ever had perfectly

Matty Healy // Sziget Festival 2014


this is my new favourite photo


little tip : when you’re invited and you don’t like the food, place it gently on the side of the table and then cry for help (x)


"I’m like 10% gay"


// OCTOBER 30TH, BBC3, 10PM //

I signed up for the mailing list in like July but I didn’t get the email about medicine???? Like I’ve gotten emails before but not recently?? Is that happening to anyone else? :(

screenshot of G from Sky Arts Sessions (because I don’t know how to record things sozzz)


George Bedford Daniel, everyone (x)